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Hello! My name is Dustin Reese and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. I've worked with several clients over the years including Kaiser Permanente, Lithia Motors and Rogue Creamery. I approach every project with a 360 degree mentality. My goal is to provide you with the best product I can provide, as well as the best advice on how to achieve your goals.

They say knowledge is power and I'm a level 20 battle mage with maxed out design stats. Email today!

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Web site design

Using tools like Bootstrap, I create responsive design websites that are future ready.

Interactive PHP websites

Custom data user interphase and backend website CMS.

Email marketing

Stay in contact with your customers with eye catching email blast advertising.

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A 360 approach to give you a product that's 100% awesome!

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Dustin's amazing résumé

UX Engineer and Maker of Awesome

High level summary of experience

  • Self-motivated and highly energized creative doer with a determination to accomplish greatness with a focus on an humans and how we interact with the systems
  • Over 15+ years of professional design, UX/UI and product management
  • Design process: user flows > sketches > wireframes > prototyping > iterative design
  • Comfortable with numerous work methodologies including SCRUM, Agile and waterfall
  • Technical knowledge: HTML, Javascript, CSS, React, Bootstrap, Lua and PHP

Work experience

4/2020 – 6/2024
Oregon Mutual, McMinnville, OR
Senior UX Designer
  • Lead small team using agile methodology, release bi-weekly updates to production
  • Organized informational interviews to understand end user needs and requirements
  • Refined end user feedback to source the true problem that was needing to be solved
  • Delivered high quality UI mockups with reference notes for code, icons, colors and more
  • Review business goals and translated those desires to tangible work plan
  • Designed UI to maximize site flow and overall end user satisfaction
  • Reviewed current UI against ADA standards to aline company with modern practices
  • Standardized formatting & code to modularize components for more streamlined process
  • Reviewed applications and screened potential UX designers to create a UX team of 3 to server the company at large
  • Create standards of practice for the group to follow for a unified team output
10/2018 – 4/2019
BrokerageBox.com, Beaverton, OR
Web developer
  • Summa spun-off dev team to create new SasS product, BrokerageBox.com, for running a real estate office
  • Designed, programmed and managed front end code, javascript and form functinos for site
  • Custom content included: dynamic bookmarking of content, internal message board conversations with team, dynamic marketing materials and tracking of listings, split calcuation for income off sales.
  • Was introduced too and mastered Vue.js for responisve web content
  • Created using Vue.js, Bootstrap, JQuery, SCSS, CSS and HTML.
5/2017 – 10/2018
Summa Real Estate, Beaverton, OR
Web developer
  • Designed and programmed internal web based tool to create, manage and deploy property listing websites based on themes, input forms and photo uploads. Created using Vue.js, Bootstrap, JQuery, CSS and HTML.
  • Dynamic PDF generation of 8.5” x 11” flyers for market listings. Created using PHP, HTML and CSS
  • Corporate website and broker websites, dynamically built off of internal databases with automatically updating content based on active listings and user generated information. Created with PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS and HTML
2/2013 – 10/2017
Kaiser Permanente, Lake Oswego, OR
Senior web developer
  • Worked with team to design internal tools and delivery methods for information distribution among employees
  • Created websites designed to fit mobile, tablet and desktop screens using Bootstrap
  • Created an internal branding website for easy access and central collection and organization of standards, guidelines and assets
  • Worked with SharePoint master pages, page layout, control and item templates
  • Migrating SharePoint from test server to live server
  • Short development time using SCRUM methodology
  • Worked with team in both lead and supporting roles
4/2017 – 5/2018
Specialty Compounding, Wilsonville, OR
Freelance consultant/developer
  • Custom website, core pages for directions, ways to contact and a contact us form
  • Integrated PHP elements for easy updating and multi-page, quick build
  • JQuery form validation to prevent spam and other bots from abusing contact form Law office
7/2011 – 3/2017
YourNurse.net, Portland, OR
Freelance consultant/developer
  • Custom Wordpress child theme with unique layout, buttons and branding
  • Wordpress training for client to manage their own website
  • Created branding guidelines for client to follow to keep company identity
  • Devised marketing strategy to increase awareness of business
5/2014 – 11/2016
Guilde International des Fromagers, Medford, OR
Freelance consultant/developer
  • Content management master
  • Online payment system using PayPal
  • Joomla CMS
  • HTML site rebuild when ready for a simpler site
7/2014 – 6/2016
Law office of Elizabeth Inayoshi, Hillsboro, OR
Freelance consultant/developer
  • Website design and custom HTML build over multiple design iterations
  • Responsive web design to fit different screen sizes
  • Contact form with JQuery filter to remove spam and allow easy user access
8/2010 – 12/2016
Lithia Motors, Medford, OR
Freelance consultant/developer
  • Custom business card creation system using Javascript and PHP
  • Output finished, print ready PDF files for business cards
  • Custom order management system, tracking and user errors
  • Inventory intake and distribution of vehicle specials to be displayed across multiple, unique websites using PHP
  • Custom vehicle management system for specials, individual selection for specific stores
  • Interactive “high five” system so employees could send positive messages to each other
  • Select from multiple design templates to create personal “high five” card
3/2015 – 9/2015
Robert Dolton Law Office, Clackamas, OR
Freelance consultant/developer
  • Website design
  • Responsive web design to fit multiple screen sizes using Bootstrap framework
  • Page meta data to drive search results on Google
  • Logo design
  • Custom content management system built using PHP
1/2008 – 8/2010
Lithia Motors, Medford, OR
Graphic designer
  • Flash advertising
  • Flash programming with Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0
  • Dynamic flash display of online database
  • Unique client side options and modifications on the fly
  • Interactive inventory feeds displayed via Flash UI experience
  • Custom CMS and tools to increase productive and work flow
  • Manage multiple points of contact for jobs and assignments
  • Work with team to achieve goals
10/2009 – 7/2014
Temple Emek, Medford, OR
  • CMS support
  • Website design
  • Joomla technical support
  • Website tune up and back up
  • Troubleshooting problems with work flow and tools
  • Dynamic online customer forms
  • PayPal integration


9/2003 – 6/2007 (Graduated)
University of Oregon
  • Bachelors of Science in Multimedia Design
  • Minors in Communication, Business and Film